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                Fully automatic machine AGT -2

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                Fully automatic machine AGT -2


                Automatic eyelet machine (AGT - 2 hereinafter) is our company developed a advertising, packaging, clothing, home textiles, and other fields of form a complete set of intelligent products, in recent years, domestic urbanization speed increase, along with the rapid development of the advertising industry, such as painting, photo large-format indoor-outdoor advertising balloon, button machine has become an inevitable choice of the birth of this product, completely solve the problemin print advertising. Compared with the traditional mode and method, the meaning and advantages of AGT - 2 is the following:

                1. Liberate the workforce, the design concept of automatic human nature, intellectualization.

                2. The technology has improvedgood looking and durable

                3. The use of double hasp breakthrough made products, button reduces the cost, make the use of double button.

                4. Product in appearance, detail, the application of new technologies have made perfect promote

                . The packing instructions

                1. Domestic commonly used ordinary wooden box packaging (size 550 * 430 * 550), with export abroad packed in wooden cases (550 * 450 * 550).

                2. Connect the handle on both ends of coupling, confirm the joint firm effectively, fitted with bonus Allen wrench handle, attention to integrity, strong.

                . The main technical parameters

                3.1 Power supply voltage: 110 V / 220 V

                3.2 Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz

                3.3 Operating power: 150 W

                3.4 Medium thickness: 0.2 1.5 mm

                3.5 Eyelet models: ? 10 mm dedicated buttons

                3.6 Appropriate fabric: spraying cloth, non-woven fabric, knife cloth, canvas, PVC, etc

                3.7 Weight: 29kg

                . Device function

                4.1 switch

                Power switch located on the machine right side

                Infrared switch: on the left side of the sheet metal machine beside openings

                Play button: a. hand handle right in the middle

                b. machine right below the left upper corner of the sheet metal armrest

                c. foot switch, plug in the machine on the left side of the sheet metal power plug in parallel

                4.2 infrared lights

                a. cross infrared, buckle flow channel and sheet metal junction on machine, rotary nut can adjust the distance of the eyelet, the cross infrared is used in the process of the play button is used to control the spacing of the reference standard

                b. straight Infrared is at the right side of the sheet metal on the left of the machine, used to play button control in the process of direction.

                4.3 port to clean up the window

                It’s located in the middle of the machine on the right side, assumes the circular, rotate removable, in the event of a bad button can be solved through this window, at the same time to facilitate regular cleaning flow.

                . Attention

                5.1 It is strictly prohibited to use other eyelet, the other eyelet have different specifications, size, structure, material, can damage the port directly, influence the stability of the machine, in case of the above, the company is not responsible for this situation

                5.2 On a regular basis to track, hopper, mold clean, with air pressure gun to remove dust.

                5.3 Remember that first to break the power supply when the machine is abnormal problems, eliminate circuit.

                5.4 It’s strictly prohibited to disassemble the machine if you are not company after-sales otherwise the company has no responsible for after-sales service.

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