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                Recently by the Baoding Tianwei baobian electric Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Tianwei") in the independent research and development, Tianwei change security (Qinhuangdao) Transformer Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Print-Rite Qin variable") produced the world's first high voltage, capacity of the largest field assembly transformer 1500MVA/1000kV transformer on-site assembly success of the trial, the performance indicators have reached the requirements of the contract.
                The product is Tianwei change security for the China State Grid Corp R & D is currently the largest rated capacity (1500000 kVA) and the highest voltage level (1000kV) of the large capacity of UHV autotransformer on load voltage regulating transformers assembled on-site, to fill a number of gaps in the world.
                In order to solve the remote mountainous areas of UHV Transformer with large capacity transport limited, China State Grid Corp in 2012 for field assembly of large capacity AC UHV Transformer feasibility research work. Under this background, in 2013 November Tianwei change security with 1500MVA/1000kV and a series of technical level of the leading domestic UHV AC transformer and manufacturing experience, to win the precious opportunity for assembling transformer China State Grid Corp first 1500MVA/1000kV site development.
                The successful experiment of the product, marks Tianwei change security and Print-Rite Qin variable fully equipped with 1500MVA/1000kV field assembled transformer production capacity to meet the plain area, the construction of power plants need, but also for the remote mountainous area electric power construction, has important economic, social benefits.

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