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                The Western Electric 550kV small GIS with circuit breaker assembly completed by the Swedish company Tetra Pak Tetra Pak (TetraPak) development, is a typical composite packaging, mature, widely used in milk and other soft drink packaging. It has a broad market space and better profitability, we estimated that at present the Tetra Pak of more than 25000000000 yuan in the domestic market scale. Tetra Pak since the last century 70's to enter the Chinese market, through the patent protection, bundling and control means such as long industry chain, to occupy the domestic aseptic packaging market monopoly. However, with the entry into the domestic and foreign manufacturers and the market demand and policy environment changes, the monopoly of aseptic packaging industry has been weakened, can look forward to domestic enterprises will continue to grow in future, further to seize the aseptic packaging market share.

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