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                中文    |    ENGLISH
                After service

                Use the preparation:

                1. Ready to meet production needs related tools, moulds, and material; clean up the dirty parts of the machine, Keep it clean.

                2. Keep the dress neatly; Long hair must set a good hair.

                3. The operator before starting needs to check whether each part of the play button machine in normal state, the molds are in good condition; Transmission parts have a barrier-free, protective devices are in good condition , turning on the power supply when confirmed empty try on operation, after being normal, began to work as required.

                Operating instructions

                1. Mould installation (fully automatic machine does not need to)

                Find good corresponding mould according to production requirements, first turn off the power switch, with a screwdriver to unscrew the mold screw, mold set up and down into the corresponding hole location, then tighten the mold retaining screw.

                2. According to the production requirements corresponding buttons or corn into the machine table around the slot, open the power switch to electric machine.

                3. According to the requirement of working conditions to choose the machine's working mode, the play button to mesa, stabilizing deduction, and connect the pedal switch plug, put foot switch in external force is not easy to touch, according to the requirements for safe use.

                4. Check product playing good buttons is ok, or the material is smooth, otherwise should be solve the troubleshooting.

                The matters need attention

                1. The operator must be tested and approved by the training of qualified, without approval of personnel training is not allowed to work.

                2. The operator must keep a good state of mind in the operation, can not talk with others, playing mobile phones, mp3 player, reading newspaper, In order to avoid distraction and accident.

                3. The operator knows all the role of security device, dismantling safety insurance gear is prohibited.

                4. A dozen buckle the machine surface can not placed hardware object, Pay attention to the sitting posture consistent with the play button machine, feet Pedal force to light, control to coordinate.

                5. be careful when you put it buckle products especially, in case the injured

                6.Semi-automatic machines put buckle session Remember, "one look at two put three stable", namely anti-pressure machine to see whether the hands-homing, carefully put away buttonhole, stable uniform deduction.

                7. When the machine is working, the operator can't leave without authorization, and should turn off the power switch when you leave

                8. If there is any problem In the process of operation conditions or product quality , should stop the machine immediately, find relevant personnel to check and repair.

                9. When the machine needs to replacement parts or mold, must turn off the power switch, such as the machine stop running after, can be replaced, maintenance.

                10. Electrical equipment must be ground. Prohibition of pulling on or pressing the power cord on the ground, found the power cord damage should be replaced timely report.

                11. In the production of fabrics, finished products and semi-finished products and materials should piled up safe, and neat; Waste should be clear in time; At all times maintain a clean and tidy work.

                12. When finished homework and go off work, should cut off the power supply in time, to prevent accidents.

                Repair and maintenance

                1. Keep the play button machine overall clean and complete. there is no loose phenomenon in each part of the regular check screw fastening parts and fittings lock, Checkthe power cord aging have no damaged, socket contacts are in good condition and reliable, timely maintenance and replacement.

                2. Every operator must understand related machine repair and maintenance.

                3. The play button machine unused for a long time should be cleaned up and cover the shield, safekeeping, it will comprehensively lubrication once half a year, idling and a short time.